Front End Academy

Our Frontend team consists of HTML/CSS, Javacript and jQuery experts with experience in latest frameworks. They are the ones who makes sure that the complex frontend requirements of our clients are coherent all along the devices, be it desktop, tablet or smart phone. If application support responsiveness for different viewports of client devices, design accuracy should be reviewed for every supported viewport configuration (with comparison to corresponding design of alternative state) and platform.

Hybrid app development team also comes under our Frontend team. We are passionate about developing Hybrid apps using software development kit such as phone gap, ionic etc. Hybrid apps helps our clients to build multi-platform (iOS, Android, Windows) applications within a short period of time with less cost compared to native applications. PIT Solution’s frontend team has the right know to build Hybrid mobile applications.

PITS has expertise, experience and resources to offer you best solutions for Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development. Our RIA developers has hands on experience on latest technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js, Reactjs etc. and other demanding front end technologies. Our RIA services enable organizations to effectively communicate effectively sharing their ideas, products and services to their clients.