Java Venture

We at PIT Solutions, provide best-in-class java development services to our clients. We have successfully developed multiple Java/JEE applications using various frameworks. 

The preference for Java is because of its suitability for developing high performance solutions owing to it being object-oriented, threaded, architecture-neutral, and portable. Also, ready-made solutions can be provided using design patterns that can be adapted to different problems as necessary.

Java came up with JEE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) and very soon became the standard for enterprise architecture. The challenge of keeping up with enterprise level application is being met head on by JEE and today Java architecture and the ensuing JEE applications development has made such quantum leaps in Application Development. Built solidly on the Java Platform, Java EE adds the capabilities that provide a complete, stable, secure, and fast Java platform for the enterprise. The advantage of JEE lies in the fact that it substantially reduces both effort and money in developing multi-tier solutions.

The chief components and features of JEE are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Server Faces (JSF), and the latest web services APIs. Java EE makes coding simpler and straight forward, still succeeds in maintaining the inherent hold of JEE as the most powerful platform for enterprise application development.

On an enterprise CMS based on Java, our choice is boiled down to Liferay and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM/ Adobe CQ5). Of which we prefer CQ5 owing to following reasons.

Adobe CQ5, is a large-scale web content management system that is currently available from Adobe Systems. Adobe CQ5 is geared specifically for large companies and corporations with substantial -and often global- infrastructures. It combines web content management, digital asset management, and social collaboration to deliver a solution that allows large companies to manage incredible amounts of information, multiple internal and external websites, a myriad of media assets, and detailed workflow.

Several of CQ5 key benefits include:

  •  Substantial reduction in organizational training costs
  •  Significant control over brand presentation
  •  The reuse of templates and components while maintaining a unique look &   feel

Some notable companies that use the Adobe CQ5 platform include General Motors, McDonald’s, Kodak, Volkswagen, Audi, and NBC Universal.

At Java Venture, we are constantly doing research in Java technology to develop new strategies and creative solutions to cater to the increasing demands. Our experience in this domain coupled with our venture team enables you to bank on us for any requirement. Currently, we offer to provide software solutions in Java EE for enterprises and are active on a handful of Java projects.

The services we offer through our Java Venture are:

  • Client-Server applications
  • Java EE applications
  • Web services
  • CRM Solutions
  • e-commerce applications
  • Enterprise CMS based on CQ5, Magnolia and Liferay

Java Tools

The tools and technologies we use in our Java Venture include:

  • Java EE for enterprise applications
  • JSF, Struts, and Spring for application frameworks
  • ANT, Maven and other build tools
  • Eclipse IDE
  • JSP, Servlets, JSTL and EJB
  • Hibernate (O/R Mapping and Persistence)
  • Struts (MVC Framework)
  • Spring (MVC & Application Framework)
  • Web Services (SOA)
  • Liferay, Magnolia & Adobe CQ5 /AEM (CMS)
  • JBoss (J2EE application server)
  • Drools (Rule engine)
  • Terracotta (Clustering technology)
  • Tomcat (Web container)
  • Chillimetrix Suite (Software Lifecycle Management with JIRA, confluence and Head-up)
  • Swing and GWT for graphical user interfaces
  • ORM Tool - Hibernate
  • Web & application servers - Apache Tomcat, Geronimo &JBoss
  • XML libraries - dom4j, Xalan, JDOM and W3C
  • Java Micro Edition
  • JasperReports for reporting
  • JUnit and JMeter for testing
  • iText, POI for exporting
  • Log4j, Sun Logging API for logging
  • Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Lucene, Compass for searching
  • E-Commerce with Hybris