Trindu is an app designed specifically for the club management. The main aim of this application is to control the overall club management. It has an app interface for users and a portal interface for admin management.

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It has multiple logins admin, trainer, supervisor, and normal players. Admin can login to the admin portal and other users will login to the app portal. Trindu works on group basis, the admin has the entire privilege to manage all the groups, teams, and their players. 

Through the portal side of the app, the team trainer can create single day or serial date events as confirmed or not confirmed events. While creating the events the trainer has the privilege to invite players to the events. For the minors, all the player’s management is done by their specified supervisors. The player has the privilege to accept or reject the event invitation and with the confirmed players , events  take place on that specified time and place.

Player management like attendance marking, attendance showing and so on is a key feature of this app. With this, a team trainer will get a clear picture of all the events under him.

TechnologyPHP 7, Symfony, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Ionic framework, MySQL, GIT