KISAM is a web based Swiss asset management system with a mission to preserve and grow the wealth of their clients and to help them meet their financial goals. KISAM is a fully responsive website developed using Symfony framework in PHP with MySQL as the database and is hosted in Nginx server. In general it is a comprehensive web platform which helps its customers to accomplish their financial goals.

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In the website, users can plan for their financial goals by investing the right amount of money in the right way. The users can define several financial goals like savings plan, university plan for their cared ones, retirement planners and many more. Users can also customize their financial goals and accordingly KISAM will suggest the investment plan needed to meet their goal. The customer can open the bank account through KISAM website and KISAM will take the role of Asset manager and invest the money wisely by distributing in different assets so there users can achieve their goals safely. A user can access his financial portfolio anytime on KISAM website which will always be relevant, secure, timely and accurate.

TechnologySymfony 2.3, PHP/ MySQL, Ubuntu, Nginx, HTML5, Javascript/jQuery