PDA Sales Tracker

PDA Sales Tracker is a sales-tracking software built for Jaree, a company doing the sales promotion surveys and analyses for HP.  This software stores the sales data, demonstrations, and different types of surveys conducted by each store of HP world-wide into a centralized database. The system enables efficient collection of sales and demonstration data, and has features that help to conduct different types of surveys and prepare various types of analysis reports.

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The project contained features where the promoters could enter their product data using a questionnaire with responses sent via an HP iPAQ on a daily basis such that:

  • It was easy to learn for promoters even though they did not speak English often.
  • It minimized the error rate vs. time required.
  • It permitted weekly changes to the questionnaire.
  • It was independent of an eventually non-existing Internet connection.
  • The surveys helped Jaree to identify customers, promoters and store staff's opinion about the product.
  • The image uploading feature could tell Jaree about the Shop in Shop (SiS) arranged store.
CustomerJaree AG
TechnologyJava 1.6.0, Eclipse Europa, MySQL5.0, Struts 1.2, Apache Tomcat 6.0, SVN