PDA Smart Device App for AAABS

Barcode Scan enabled Portable Digital Assistant App for an optimized ERP Solution.

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AAABS is an optimized ERP solution for managing stock control and supply chain management. The system is operating from both desktop and web platforms to extend its accessibility and operability to various areas. The system is versatile enough for booking and delivery of different kinds of stock items in a smooth and systematic way. Still to enable the stock keeper’s life easy this Smart device App [AAABS PDA] has been developed to enable the smooth delivery, stock-in, shifting and disposal of stock items. The stock keeper can manage and report all rolling and stocked-in items on-the-go without contacting the office staff.

This PDA package enhances the Microsoft Compact Framework (CF 2.0) .Net features to accommodate its flexibility and extensibility. SQL server of AAABS parent system is being used through Wi-Fi enabled smart devices.
Main functionalities include Search and Update by stock-keeper, Receiving articles via Barcode scanning and stock-in to the stock locations, moving of palettes from one place to another, ordering of new palettes to working locations, emptying the stock etc.

CustomerMarkus Flühmann AG
TechnologyMicrosoft CF. 2.0 with C# .Net as coding language, TFS 2010 with Microsoft scrum template 1.0 for source control and project management respectively, SQL Server 2008, Smart device packaging, Both Real device and Emulator mode of Quality Assurance