Our expert team specializes in conducting tests for desktop, mobile, web-based applications and so on.

Our quality

We provide Testing and Quality Assurance services to make sure that the software is bug free and of top quality. Our expert team specializes in conducting tests for desktop, mobile, web-based applications

Let’s test your application

Testing & QA services 

We provide testing and QA services in the following verticals:

Application testing

Usability testing

Functional testing

Performance testing

Security testing

Testing Process 

We lead you through a structured process to develop a strong digital strategy. Understand your current position, envision the future, build the perfect digital infrastructure with the right tools. Achieve comprehensive digitization with our expertise.

1. Requirement analysis

We analyse the project requirements, including functional and non-functional requirements, to develop test cases and test scenarios.

2. Planning

when we establish a testing plan that outlines the goals, objectives, and scope of the testing process. This involves determining the testing approach, tools, and techniques to be used, as well as identifying the testing team and their roles and responsibilities. You can also check out our extended team here .

3. Design

In this step, the test cases are designed to ensure that all functional and non-functional requirements are met. Test cases are created to test each feature and functionality of the software.

4. Test case development

Test scenarios are created which detail the actions to be taken during the testing process, the anticipated outcomes, and the standards for determining whether the testing has been successful. Once the test cases have been developed, the testing process begins.

5. Execution

Here, the test cases are executed to identify defects, errors, and other issues in the software. The testing team reports all defects to the development team for resolution.

6. Execution

During the testing phase, any identified flaws or problems are documented and monitored. The issues are subsequently remedied and then retested.

7. Reporting

Once testing is complete, a test closure report is prepared that summarizes the testing process and results.

8. Closure

Finally, the testing team reviews the test results and prepares the final test report. The testing team also evaluates the effectiveness of the testing process and identifies areas for improvement.

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