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Our Process

With our global delivery model, we specialize in developing solutions quickly and cost-effectively while consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. In our hybrid engineering model, the customer is involved in the software development process at an early stage to avoid costly surprises at the end of a project. The second component of this model strictly follows our internal processes and software development methodology.

Our hybrid model is the result of many years of software development. Our experience shows that the success of any project depends on effective communication in all project phases. Our onsite project managers are the interface to our customers. They ensure seamless communication between the project coordinator on the customer side and the offshore project team. Our project manager’s job is to provide the team with all the information they need to reach each milestone on time and on budget.

Managing costs is a crucial part of making the right choices when it comes to working with an offshore team. That is why we offer different types of cooperation. Each model has its own price structure. Below are some diagrams of these types of collaboration. Contact us to find your model!

Swiss Managed Project

A project manager from the client communicates with the project manager from PITS Switzerland who is in charge of all communication and quality assurance.

Swiss Managed Team

Project manager from the client communicates with the Project manager from PITS India. Initial setup is done from PITS project manager in Switzerland and is in place in case of emergency.

Direct Managed Project

Project manager from the Client, communicates with the project manager from PITS India. Initial setup is done by the PITS project manager in Switzerland and is the point of contact in case of emergency.

Direct Managed Team

PITS Solution extends the client teach team with dedicated team members in India. There will be one project manager in India, with whom you can discuss any sort of urgent situations which requires immediate attention.

PITS software development process

Clearly defined processes are central to successful project execution and ensure quality and productivity. The product of these processes is a high quality software that is completed according to plan and budget. We have created a Software Engineering Process Group (SPEG) that defines, implements and optimizes our internal processes. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we are convinced that process-oriented work is central to successful project management.

PITS software development method

We pursue an agile method of software development and base our processes on this method.

Software development process

Good and clearly defined processes lead to increased quality and productivity of our software development and ensure that we can deliver our products on time and within the budget.In order to ensure the success of every project, we have internally created the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), which defines processes and continuously optimize them. We have named this process PIT Software Development Process (P-SDP). The steps involved in the process is explained below.

Collecting the requirements

Normally, the requirements for a software product are not known to the customer in advance. Good requirement engineers are necessary to compile these in a structured manner. For this we develop Understanding Documents and Scope Documents, and design wireframes and mock flows. These tools ensure that both parties fully understand the requirements and benefits of the proposed solution.


In the specification we describe the behavior of the configured software down to the last detail. For most applications, the exact specification is the basis for successful development. We bring more complex applications into an easily understandable form with mock flows and prototypes. With use cases we cover all possible interactions of a user with the system.


A carefully planned architecture ensures that the software developed meets the performance requirements and has potential for future expansion. In terms of architecture, we deal with interfaces to other systems, as well as various application scenarios such as load tests and changing operating platforms. A good architecture means reliability, stability and expandability of the software.

Implementation and testing

Implementation means that the software is programmed by the developer. The development is closely connected to the testing, which we see as an important part of the implementation process. Bugs should be detected and corrected as early as possible. Testing is part of the quality assurance, which is described in another part of this website.

Deployment, operation and further development:
After testing and approval by the customer, the software is deployed. Post-deployment support is important because many software projects fail due to the developer’s lack of understanding of customer requirements and needs. Even if the software is bug free and runs stably, it can be considered unsuccessful. Another reason for the failure of some projects is that the customer does not know how to use the tool, so training and support are of central importance. Depending on the size of the project, PITS suggests various maintenance and operating contracts in order to handle operation and further developments efficiently.

Quality control

Quality Policy

Our guidelines for quality assurance not only apply to software development, but also cover the entire range of our corporate activities. Our credo is that quality is the sum of the quality of all individual activities that contribute to the final product.

HR & training process

Skilled employees are the core capital of any organization. At PIT Solutions we believe in the strengths and abilities of each individual employee and try to use and promote individual strengths as precisely as possible. Our employees benefit from regular training programs, both for further development in the technical field and for soft skills. We underline the aspect of quality thinking that lives in the organization. The employee recruitment process is designed to attract and retain the best people in each field. Our application tests help to filter out the best of the best. A central criterion that all of our employees have to provide is process-oriented thinking and the urge for constant improvement.

Code Review

At PIT Solutions the greatest possible importance is attached to the code review. The background to this attitude is the knowledge that bugs should be detected and corrected as early as possible, because this can quickly become more expensive and difficult at a later point in time. Our years of experience have taught us that code review is more efficient than bug fixing.


At PIT Solutions we never deliver a product without first testing it thoroughly. Our well-trained testing team has over 20 employees who can carry out all types of tests for all types of software. The team has experience with web and mobile applications and standalone products. We have separate teams for front-end testing and back-end testing, as front-end testing has become more complex in recent years due to responsive design and mobile sites. This is how we ensure quality in every aspect of our products.


We collect feedback from outside and within our organization by actively approaching customers and employees and talking about their experiences at PIT Solutions. We regularly measure the quality of our work. The aim of this feedback is to identify best practices and implement them internally, as well as to find and eliminate errors and problems.
Scale for quality. We believe
in the well-known principle that we cannot control what we cannot measure. In order to control and improve processes, we have introduced scales for quality assurance, even for abstract functions. The performance of individual employees, a team or a project is translated into standardized reports. This gives us a wealth of information about what is happening in the company at any point in time, and provides us with approaches where we can improve further.

Data security

A company with several locations poses a major challenge in terms of security aspects and data handling. Secure data transmission must be guaranteed, as the correct information can cause great damage in the wrong hands. The secure handling of data is guaranteed by the PIT Solutions security guidelines.
Our comprehensive security guidelines cover various aspects of security: logical security, physical security, and security of the organization and processes. This is how we maximize data security and minimize the risk of software offshoring.
Among other things, we operate firewalls, anti-virus scanners, data encryption, authentication and access control mechanisms to secure our system.

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