Auction Platform website is an auction platform, running different types of auctions for concrete product in construction industry. It supports forward and reverse auction. There are mainly 3 types of users - Administrator, Builder and Concrete manufacturer. Admin will be having full access to the website. Builder will be the one who is updating the construction details and will have the right to create or manage his own auctions under selected areas.


The Concrete manufacturer who can login and can put his bidding on different auctions available in his area. 

The core features of the website will be accessible only for registered users, public users can view few content pages only. There is a multistep form which allows builder to configure product based on his requirement and then create auctions and each registered user will have their own dashboard to see different auctions based on statuses like active, closed, scheduled, participated and won auctions. Ajax, NET 3.5, InfragisticsNetAdvantage, SQL Server 2005, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Helicon URL rewriting
TechnologiePHP 5.6.40, Drupal 7.59, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery , MySQL 5.7.29, Supervisor
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